1. zoddtheimmortal said: Apparently I smell like cookies and dirt. Idk. Thought I'd share. Doesn't really matter. Better than cabbages I guess

    lmfaooooooo 😂😂😂 byeeeeee


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  4. people need to stop throwing around the cultural appropriation card on shit that’s dumb af and not appropriating a specific culture, ‘cause shit like that is going to stop shit being taken seriously when something that is offensive and is appropriating a culture happens, they are going to be like “oh not this again, you guys are offended by everything so I’m going to continue doing this really racist thing because of that one time you told me I couldn’t wear green because I wasn’t Irish”

    and people need to stop being so god damn offended all the time, you got people now searching to be offended, typing in tags looking at things do be offended at, you are going to end up prematurely ageing if you carry on doing that shit. there is a difference between being offended by something someone is doing and actually feeling sad for the rest of the day and just being butthurt because the person exists and trying to start shit.

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  6. michaelvvay said: yo like stop making everyone send hate to stumphobia like just bc a couple of people arent offended that u wear bindis and dreads doesnt mean that everyone doesnt find it offensive. so stop being a bitch and apologize or some thing? some people find it offensive when u wear those things okay??


    No piss off, I’m not “making” anyone do anything, I didn’t even tell anyone to do anything. I (quite obviously) don’t follow him/her/them, so I don’t know what is being said but I really don’t care. They were rude to me and people are calling them out on it, why should I apologise? Besides, they keep reblogging shit from me so they’re bringing it on themselves by being a creepy arse. Like..

    Don’t come along and call ME the bitch, I haven’t done a damn thing you utter knob.

    a quick Wikipedia doesn’t hurt
    —”Dreadlocks are associated most closely with the Rastafari movement, but people from many ethnic groups have worn dreadlocks, including many ancient Hamitic people of North Africa and East Africa (notably the Oromo of Ethiopia, and the Maasai of northern Kenya); Semitic people of West Asia; Indo-European people of Europe and South Asia (notably the ancient Spartan warriors of Greece, and the Sadhus of India and Nepal); Turkic people of Anatolia and Central Asia; the Sufi Rafaees; and the Sufi malangs and fakirs of Pakistan. Some Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon were also known to have worn locks, as is portrayed in paleolithic cave art in Europe, perhaps for spiritual reasons.”


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  9. make-me-mira said: just weighing in about exes.. that's a really silly reason to get mad at someone! I mean, doing it 24/7 could get annoying, but I feel like boys should be stoked when their girls want pics of themselves - there is enough low self-esteem around <3

    apparently it was ‘ruining our days out’ lmao because my attention wasn’t 100% on them. but the thing is, those days were bad days out because they’d moan at me, then sulk so after the photos have been taken and I can pay attention to them they are in a mood or having a go at me. if they were patient with me we’d of had great days out with lots of photos haha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. why you make your instagram private, what am I meant to laugh at now?! 😕

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