1. xpinkrosehimex said: I'm 26 and i've only ever had one boyfriend, I've never had any luck with men my entire life. But that doesn't mean i won't find someone and that goes for you too! I can't understand why any guy would date you for a joke?!? You're amazing and really beautiful, Any guy would be very lucky to have you in their life! ❤

    I mean maybe it’s partially my fault :( the longer I’m alone, rather than my standards decreasing like most who get lonely so settle for anything, mine go up and up and up and continue to rise until it at an unachievable standard, kind of like ‘if I’ve waited this long it has to be good’. I don’t find anyone attractive right now which makes me sad, I remember when I used to search through my likes in hope that a person I liked liked my photo and when they did I would go crazy inside, now I don’t do that because there’s no one to look for which kind of makes uploading photos unfun, before it was about winning a person I liked attention. but even when I had their attention there was always someone else they eventually would choose over me 😔 guess I’m no ones first option xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  3. Anonymous said: if we lived remotely close I would totally take you out for coffee and stuff. Idk, I think you're really cute and have a great blog and I don't get how guys have been so shitty to you. You are such a catch. :c

    thank you! it’s a shame you don’t live closer, a coffee sounds good xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  5. I’ve never been lucky with love lives or anything since, well, forever. I was that girl who never got chased in kiss chase at primary school, I was always fighting with boys. secondary school was the same, more fights with the opposite sex, one guy asked me out though, apparently it was for a joke so I was told a year afterwards, we didn’t speak the whole week we ‘went out’, we totally ignored each other in the corridors. out of school up until now has been the same really. I have had relationships, two to be exact, they were jokes too, only lasted a year or so, but I don’t remember how they started or how they liked me or anything, only remember my initial lack of interest. I’m so closed off and romantically awkward yet I still crave to feel something. my life has generally stayed the same, 22yrs of just me fighting with boys.

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  8. how do people hate anaconda tho? it’s catchy af

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  10. no one seems more boring than those who claim to like ‘nature’ 😴

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